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18th Dec 2018, 13:43
Dear Aviators,
trying to find in PART FCL, training manual for FI (A), examining practical training FI (A) and instruction manual FI (A), need any help, suggestion, guidance or link. In my school, we are trying to introduce this course for the first time.
I thank you very much.Tracker

19th Dec 2018, 19:56
Guidance for the structure and content of Ops and Trg manuals can be found in Part-Ora and the interesting bits for the FI course are in the AMC to FCL

Search yhe EASA website for the Easy Access Part FCL which combines the regulations with the GMs and AMCs.

20th Dec 2018, 07:42
Suggestions: invest in someone who already has the experience (freelance FI) to do the very first course and your instructor FI to be an observer in the first course, this freelance FI would also be a consultant providing updated and practical information needed to the school.
Otherwise will be unfair for your student.
Ontrack and Pooleys have nice resources for FI courses (presentations, miniature planes, guidances, etc)
Best of luck!

20th Dec 2018, 10:54

20th Dec 2018, 20:00
Seems to me that that freelance FI would probably not be much use to teach a course that hasnít been written or approved yet. Perhaps they might also have to write the course before delivering it...?!?