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13th Dec 2018, 19:23
Hi all,

Would appreciate some input on a job predicament. I've worked in the corporate world and an airline, but am coming to the end of my contract soon and am trying to work out which direction to go in. Current options (assuming interviews go ok) are the UK majors as FO, or an SFI position. I've always fancied instructing, but don't know much about the lifestyle of an SFI.

If anyone could give me some input about the life of an SFI for a training provider, it'd be much appreciated. Is the roster usually random like airlines or a bit more structured? What is the progression like or is it pretty static?


13th Dec 2018, 20:11
Hi Aceman18,

My flight school is pretty decent, we have fixed roster pattens so either 5/2 or 6/3 and we also can do custom rosters if they don't work for you. I am only new to instructing mind you so probably not the best to ask. However, I am a sponsored FI so the company paid to train me up and I have just started flying, I am currently on an upgrade package to get my IRI done as soon as I am experienced enough so maybe 6 months or so and have the option of upgrading to CRI(ME) later down the line if I put in another two years. Can be quite busy as we usually have a lot of students but quite manageable.

You will have between 2 and 4 sorties a day depending on the length of them, if you are instructing a PPL level you will usually have more sorties unless you have two long events, not always time to have a proper lunch break in between flights if it's a good weather day but as the job is salaried you will have other days with very low workload but still get paid so can't complain!

Anyway, I enjoy working for my flight school, it is tough at times but very worth it. I know I will be happy here for several years at least!

13th Dec 2018, 20:38
Thanks for the response Luminance, but I was really looking for input on SFI positions. Potential bizjet sim job in the new year.

13th Dec 2018, 21:00
How senior a position are you looking for? We have several SFIs working here with different roles but same rosters, a lot of our training is integrated ME/IR, we also upgrade our own staff so if you have examiner qualifications we would definitely be interested in you. If you are looking for simulator based work we also run A320 and B737 sim training on a contractual basis. SFI can be quite a broad term is there anything specific you are looking for?

14th Dec 2018, 16:59
It would be dependent on the type - some Biz TR providers are happy to work when you can and others a little more demanding. In house for an airline I have no experience of, but I would expect the shortage of TRIs or LTCs might mean a demand once frowned upon is now welcomed.

Like most instructions positions - you can mostly ask for x and get it from what i’ve heard.

If if you have ME CRI and IRI and happy to lower yourself then a “pottering” contractor can easily get £70-80 per hour with no commitment or fixed roster with one of the major training providers - some insist on FI rather than CRI if they’re integrated.

A friend of mine who drives a Challenger RHS has had numerous calls to sandbag in various locations and the money was OK. Limited or no commitment again - just depends on more specifics of type and location.

15th Dec 2018, 11:49
Thanks for the info. The job I have an interview for is a full time position for a training provider for a Falcon 2000. As such, it's a fixed salary. Roster says 'as per operational needs'. I understand my roster will depend on demand etc, but I have no idea how in demand aircraft Sims like this are. Would there be a lot of night/weekends or does it tend to be more normal working hours, with nights and weekends when it's busy?

15th Dec 2018, 17:36
Hi! Depends on your location.

If it’s state side I would guess you’ll be busy. Bigger bizjet market out there therefore plenty of work but if it’s the uk you should have a half decent work/life balance.

remain current on whatever type you’re on and keep that in your back pocket just in case and if all goes well with the falcon training aim to get trained up on as many types as possible to make yourself more in demand.

as for an SFI lifestyle...like any job with a fixed salary it all depends on the contract they’ve offered. If you were to go freelance then the world is your oyster! You just need experience and some good type ratings under your belt and shop around for work that works for you.