View Full Version : B737 with Winglets - too twitchy on Landing ?

10th Dec 2018, 06:23
Just seen another 737 with big winglets come off the runway, - see SouthWest Airlines thread

The winglets will make the A/C more sensitive to crosswinds especially on landing, a gust from the right will try and roll the A/C to the left with extra lift on the right wing.
Adding winglets makes the matter worse as the winglets will also try and roll the A/C to the left.

I seem to have seen a lot of these. is there any statistics that show a difference between "classic" non-winglet 737 runway excursion rate compared to winglet ones?

Say Mach Number
10th Dec 2018, 07:45
Have been flying 737s for 20 years and with bits bolted on the wings since they were developed.

Main reasons for overruns involve some or all of the following;

Landing too fast, too long, poor x-wind technique and/or poor decision making not to go around when the option was still on the table.

Winglets have nothing to add imho.

fox niner
10th Dec 2018, 08:20
Yep i agree with Say. Have flown PG and NG 737ís, with and without surfboards for 1000ís of hours, and didnít notice any winglet effects. In fact, this is the very first time that i ever read about it, which made me think for a while. But in all honesty, I must say that there isnt ANY effect.

Hotel Tango
10th Dec 2018, 10:40
Arguably, probably more to do with poor decision making and deteriorating airmanship (by some) which is fast becoming prevalent in these times rather than winglets!

10th Dec 2018, 10:47
The winglets on the NGs take 3 kts off max demonstrated crosswind (33 v 36 on flat-wing ones), but runway excursions have a lot of influencing factors... most of which have to do with poor decision making.