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7th Dec 2018, 16:51
To all,
I'm a flight instructor operating out of a busy towered airport (McKinney, TX, KTKI). I have been asked by the owner of a plane rental organization to give a checkout in a C172 to an existing U.S. private pilot. He is asian. On my initial phone contact with this student, I had a lot of trouble understanding him over the phone. Presumably he has been certified by both his previous trainers and his examiners as being "english proficient". However, I doubt that ATC here will tolerate his language abilities. His problem is more language pronunciation than language structure.

So, does anyone know of any DVDs or CDs (or other aids) that I could recommend to help him? I know the local libraries have english as a 2nd language courses, but I was hoping for something with an aviation flavor with common ATC phraseology.

Anyone? Help please.


8th Dec 2018, 00:27
There are plenty of YouTube channels and videos, from aviation basic knowledge to more advanced stuff.