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Rocket Surgeon
7th Dec 2018, 11:35
Hello, All,

I have an EASA ATPL(H) which is not current due to me working overseas for the last 10 years (as a non-EASA training captain)

I have just found out that my employer has arranged for a factory pilot to come to my (non-EASA) country to deliver a TRI/E course.

Is it possible to add an initial TRI/E qualification to my 'lapsed' licence, and by doing so, 're-animate' it??

I'll point out that although being a high time instructor/examiner, I do not have an EASA flight instructor rating, but seem to recall that I can skip that step?? False memory syndrome????

I won't be able to get stuck into researching my own answers until I get off my current tour of duty, but hoped that the collective wisdom assembled here may have some initial views on the feasibilities/practicalities of my scenario.

Thanks for reading this far.


7th Dec 2018, 16:25
You might want to check on the revalidation/renewal requirements for your EASA licence if its not current before you start planning on adding stuff to it.

8th Dec 2018, 00:37
What aircraft would that be on? I am in the process of looking to do the same on my EASA TRI/TRE, thinking I could simply transfer a foreign IRE/TRE onto the EASA one. Wrongo. We now have to do a TRI course first through an EASA approved Flight Training Centre then after "experience" you apply to do an AE (authorised examiner) course. If your factory guy is authorised by EASA then hopefully that would be much quicker and easier but if you're doing it on anything that carries plenty of SLF then you might be in for a shock (I was).

Rocket Surgeon
8th Dec 2018, 05:10
Hello, petrichor,

Thanks for the intel.

It's a light twin helicopter, for which I'm already a non-EASA instructor/examiner (with a reasonable amount of type experience).

I'll check in with the factory (AIRBUS) to ensure their instructor can 'legally' deliver a TRI course and an AE course.

Never previously having heard of an AE course, I am starting to lose confidence that this project is feasible....

8th Dec 2018, 08:41
When did you last renew your EASA ratings? As I said above, that’s likely to be the show stopper so needs checking first.