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18th Nov 2018, 13:06
Hi there,

According to FMS guide,

"The pattern is shortened if EXIT is ARMED while flying turn number 1, or the first turn after crossing the holding fix"

The 2 bold sentences seem to mean the same thing. I just want to confirm, as long as we exit hold when entering the hold in the first turn, the pattern will be shortened to an orbit, confirm?

What will happen if I execute exit hold the moment the aircraft fly straight and level from the 1st turn? It will fly 1 hold and exit when passing the holding fix?


18th Nov 2018, 15:59
Yes, it should... However, as you may find with the 777 - it will do exactly the opposite of what you expect, or crash the FMS and forget the route as well :D Jokes aside, i recommend leaving a holding by either reselecting the holding fix/station and flying a direct-to, or with heading select - at least then its clear what should happen.

18th Nov 2018, 17:07
Following execution of the exit hold, only the remaining portion of the holding pattern back to the holding fix displays. Exit from the holding pattern may occur prior to crossing the holding fix (“fly-by”) if the course to the next waypoint is not closely aligned with the holding inbound course.

18th Nov 2018, 17:14
Even the 787 Bp 3.0 has issues witn Exit Hold
Operating Instructions​
While in a holding pattern, do not select and execute EXIT HOLD then select ​
Direct-To the hold fix then​ sequence the hold fix with the route in the modified ​
state (MOD showing).​
If this anomaly occurs, the flight crew should be aware that certain further ​
modifications to the flight plan can cause another reset. Selecting an instrument​ ​
approach can cause another FMC reset. If the FMC resets a second time, the ​
route and performance data must be entered again.​

19th Nov 2018, 05:00
Even the 787 Bb 3 has issues witn Exit Hold

Interesting. I really never use EXIT HOLD on the 757/767 for pretty much the reasons outlined above. But would have though it would improve on the 777/787. Not really I guess.

25th Nov 2018, 04:08
I've never had a problem with the EXIT HOLD function on the 777. What I do see is after someone has selected EXIT HOLD, the system will not immediately display what they are hoping for, so a lack of confidence in the system leads them to "clean" the FMC up. With appropriate patience and monitoring, the system will EXIT the hold as it is designed to do.