View Full Version : China Southern to Exit SkyTeam Alliance

15th Nov 2018, 16:38
What do you think of it? Chinese have found as always their own way or it is a right decision?

15th Nov 2018, 16:41
is this fake news or a rumor

15th Nov 2018, 20:52
The only reason to exit an alliance is to enter a better one..
And the Chinese are really fond of France and the Eiffeltower.
Was it on Fox News or RT?

15th Nov 2018, 23:07
Has One of the other alliances been poaching, or is that Star gazing?

16th Nov 2018, 02:47

16th Nov 2018, 08:04
It's on the SkyTeam Website (https://www.skyteam.com/de/about/press-releases/press-releases-2018/update-skyteam-and-China-Southern/):

Amsterdam, Guangzhou 15 November 2018. China Southern Airlines has decided not to renew its contract with SkyTeam, the global airline alliance, as of 1 January 2019.

China Southern’s decision reflects its strategic development, the changing trends of the global aviation industry and the evolution of alliances.

SkyTeam and China Southern have agreed to work closely together to ensure a seamless transition for all customers and partners. That process will run throughout 2019 and will complete by the year-end.

Kristin Colvile, SkyTeam CEO, “Network has always been the foundation of SkyTeam. Our new value proposition retains that strong integrated network and combines it with our continued focus on improving customer experience through technology. China Southern has been a valued member of SkyTeam. We respect its decision and wish it well.”

16th Nov 2018, 08:46

I wonder which ONE they might look at next?

"The airline's move follows reports in 2017 that China Southern had held internal discussions about possibly leaving SkyTeam, around the same time that Oneworld carrier American Airlines closed a $200 million investment for a 2.68% stake in the Chinese carrier that August. That has seen the two carriers keep in close contact and implement codeshare arrangements on each others' flights.

China Southern has also since signed a codeshare agreement with Oneworld’s British Airways, while it also has a codeshare relationship with Qantas."

16th Nov 2018, 12:37
One world needs a Chinese based member airline but not as much as it needs an African based one.