View Full Version : Delta Passenger had to sit in seat covered with someone else's pooh

6th Nov 2018, 23:47

Basically he sat down next to his seat mate. Then both of them smelled something nasty. He bent down to charge his phone then he realized his leg, back of legs, the wall, floor were covered in fecal matter. At first when he brought the matter to the attention of the crew, they didnt do much but after they finally used paper towels to clean it and not proper cleaning chemicals/equipment. He chose do stay on board rather than deplane. Delta offered him 50,000 miles as compensation. I imagine that since its all over the news now that maybe the offer will be changed to something 'better'.

Pilot DAR
7th Nov 2018, 00:56
Well... sit happens. Do we really need to discuss this?

7th Nov 2018, 16:56
It was a sick "service animal" that made a mess all over everything. I really wish the airlines would cut back on permissions for animals in the cabin. I think most of them are there not because of a "need" by the passenger, but instead to reduce their costs to transport the animal. They are often an inconvenience or worse to other passengers and to flight crew.