View Full Version : Trent 1000 run up in icing

Meester proach
6th Nov 2018, 09:47
just wondered how other companies are interpreting the FCOM on this .

the way I read it is if itís -3 or below in icing, as long as TO within an hour of start no 30sec runup, ( but the 50-55N1 Rwy one still applies )

-7 and below , runup within one hour , so you must do it as well as the RWY one and you can combine the two

6th Nov 2018, 11:22
Check that is +3 OAT and in icing conditions. Personally, I would do the static 30 sec 20 TPR runup (core de-ice) on the taxiway making sure clear behind if taxi times were approaching an hour, maybe less in severe conditions. Then the 50-55% (fan de-ice) jobbie as a ‘stablized’ replacement on receipt of takeoff clearance. I read it as if -7 and below, if you can’t complete takeoff within an hour of the first core de-ice run up then it’s back to stand.

Meester proach
7th Nov 2018, 13:46
Sorry yes, +3.
thats a lot of thrust on a taxiway ! I couldn’t even keep it still with parking brake on in the sim and snow....

the -7 , if you run up within an hour that gives you one more hour, so total 120 mins, without deice