View Full Version : DL 589 Return to MSP with Open Cockpit Window

23rd Oct 2018, 16:39
Delta 589, a B-739 MSP-SEA, is returning to MSP with an open cockpit window that has come off the rails.

They are setting up for a visual to 30L.

23rd Oct 2018, 16:52
Back on deck, right side window came out of the tracks, the pilot on the radio still sounds quite shaken up, presumably it was her window.

Not sure when the window came open but here's the classic Boeing training video on the window coming open on the takeoff roll:


23rd Oct 2018, 18:14
Listening to the tapes, it sounds like the window indeed came open on the takeoff roll. You can hear the tower clear DL589 over to departure (at about 33 minutes in when played on the browser player, these time hacks don't any make sense for a 30 minute clip :confused:) in this liveatc.net clip:


Delta makes several calls, says they can't hear anything and need to return. Later, one of the pilots can hear, they switch to approach at some point.

A very busy day at the office.

I had a window come open rolling down the runway at Lahore years ago. Needless to say, we didn't return to LHE. It was noisy but we were able to get the window closed. The FO got some defog tubing caught in the window and didn't close it properly.

I was the FO. :ugh: