View Full Version : Fun with anagrams. Swoop goes Woops!

no expert
21st Oct 2018, 02:05
Westjet's newly-hatched low-cost cost carrier Swoop cancels 24 flights to the USA due to a lack of regulatory approval.

"WestJet's new discount carrier Swoop is apologizing to travellers for cancelling 24 U.S.-bound flights. The airline says it had hoped to have all regulatory approvals in place to operate south of the border but one of those has not yet been approved.That means all Swoop flights to the United States have been postponed until Oct. 27.Swoop says it was able to operate some flights to the States using a leased aircraft from WestJet". "We apologize to our travellers affected by the cancellations for the inconvenience and for their disappointment," said spokesperson Karen McIsaac in an email to CBC News.