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7th Oct 2018, 07:06
Hello fellas....

If you have an ADR 1+2 fault in clean configuration, you handle the failure and got “Ecam actions completed”.

After that, start configuration for app, and i ve noticed that when you call “Flaps 1”, you will have flaps and slats instead of just slats and must take care of the 215kt lim for Flaps 1+F.

Does anyone knows why will we have flaps and slats at the same time for this abnormal configuration?
I’ve been looking everywhere and cant find any info....

7th Oct 2018, 16:31
We normally get 1+0 (instead of 1+1) only after an IAS check is satisfied, have a look into FCOM DSC F/CTL for the exact number.

With two ADRs gone completely as per your scenario, the A/C is flying on one IAS source only. But what if this remaining speed is also wrong? Can you trust it? Nobody knows. And so the system will fall-back and respond in a conservative way, giving you 1+1.

During ab-normal operations, you will see similar reversions to "simple modes" everywhere, it is very logical. Whenever the computers cannot validate the data inputs, the "smart" and more elaborate features are not available.

(disclaimer: the above is what I think is the reason)

7th Oct 2018, 18:18
As FD said. A ‘small’ flap overspeed is the least of your problems anyway

7th Oct 2018, 20:43
Have a look at MEL 34-10-02B ADR 2 which tells us that "if ADR 2 is set to OFF, and if the ac is in Conf 1+F, the SFCS No2 Flap channel is unable to cross check the CAS coming from ADR 1with the ADR 2 CAS coming from SFCS No 2 Slat channel/ This may lead to uncommanded flap retraction during the take-off.

Although not strictly what is being asked here, this makes it obvious, as FD says above, that you never quite know what is going on during multiple failures. You just have to play the cards you are dealt.

Not helpful, I know, but we have all been there!!

7th Oct 2018, 20:46
I don't see any reason why would you get 1+F when double ADR (not withstanding the combination) failure is confirmed. It may be possible in unreliable speed case if the speed below 100kt is erroneously sensed or the failure is double ADR failure second not self detected. But once faulty ADR is identified and switched off. Flap operation should be normal.

8th Oct 2018, 13:00
I don't have any cure about this, but next time in your sim training check it out. It happens!

17th Oct 2018, 06:50
I checked both ADR1+2 and ADR1+3. when I selected flaps 1 only the slat extended as usual. As I said in unreliable speed situation there is a possibility of this happening not in normal double ADR FAIL.

20th Jun 2021, 07:40

i would like to bring this up again. Why is it when you you have ADR 1+2 fault and you put the flaps into 1, the A320 makes 1+F?


20th Jun 2021, 09:17
Check post #7. It doesn't happen.

20th Jun 2021, 09:54

Hi, It depends on the fault inserted into the simulator. I have seen the same result you describe many times.
FCOM 27-30-10 Description - Configurations shows that there is a 100 Kt speed logic which determines whether you get Slats1 or 1 + F.
You have to read the Flaps / Slats gauge carefully to notice.

20th Jun 2021, 17:06
There's a SFCC plus some other failure, may be ADR I noticed 1+F happening. FCOM mentions about unreliable speed situation it happening

28th May 2023, 04:36
The FCOM now states for NAV ADR 1 + 2 fault, CONF 1+F is selected instead of 1 whilst airborne.

28th May 2023, 09:10
The FCOM now states for NAV ADR 1 + 2 fault, CONF 1+F is selected instead of 1 whilst airborne.
There must be some mod which removes the ambiguity and gives you 1+F.