View Full Version : Small Planet Germany in administration

19th Sep 2018, 09:34
Yesterday the german part of Small Planet applied for administration at a court in berlin, planning to continue to operate and restructuring the company to make it economically viable. The LBA as aviation authority in germany has agreed to that plan for the moment Problems that led to that step was a huge growth (from 4 to 9 planes in the year) and administrative problems with the multi-AOC/company setup leading to average massive delays and outright chaos throughout the whole operation.

Will be interesting to see how this turns out, for many recently hired flight deck crew that is a deja-vu, they came from Air Berlin who entered administration on the same regulatory level 13 months ago.

19th Sep 2018, 12:58
These guys are the pits.... Wishing the staff a good future at a real operator and hope that the tour operators stop using these guys....

21st Sep 2018, 21:24
Same old story again. Viking Airlines, Meridian Aviation, Excel, Goldtrail, and now Small Planet. And yes, PW is behind this shower of sh1t. And yes, tour operators and passengers will end up losing money yet again.

22nd Sep 2018, 09:52
Who’s PW? (This message needs to be longer)