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15th Sep 2018, 15:17
Hello I am a student pilot in Poland.
I signed with a flight school for MEPL - IR SIM - IR-CPL.
I got my MEPL ground training and ground exam. ( I passed) 6 hrs flighht time ... then i got my MEPL practical skill test flight exam 17th November 2017( I passed it ) Later on i continued IR Sim for 45 hours. Because of my job i went back to my country.
I applied CAA to add my MEPL rating to my certificate. But the CAA sent me this email :''According to FCL.725 c Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 “The applicant shall pass the skill test within a period of 6 months after commencement of the class or type rating training course and within a period of 6 months preceding the application for the issue of the class or type rating.” You passed practical exam for MEPL rating on 17th November 2017, but you deliver your application form for MEPL rating endorsement on 17th of July 2018, so after 6 months. ''

From this email what i unsterstand. You have to complete the MEPL training in 6 months and so I already did it ! but i couldnt deliver the application form in 6 months . I couldnt find anything about delivering form in FCL.

Q 1 : Do i have to get all training from the begining ? (MEPL ground - 6 hrs flight - Skill test ?) € :(
Q 2 : What will happen to my MEP IR Simulator hrs ? € :(
Q 3 : Do i have to apply and need recommendation again for all MEPL-IR-CPL training . time :(

If you know something or similar thing like my situation please write .I need a HELP . If you need more details send me msg.
Thanks. Safe flight.

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15th Sep 2018, 18:16
You have fallen foul of a rather silly piece of EASA legislation. You do not say which CAA has rejected your application, but it does sound rather like the UK CAA, in which case they will expect you to repeat the MEP Course and test so that you can apply within 6 months. The ATO you atended should have provided guidance on this matter and it should have been written in their Training Manual. You should contact the ATO for a solution. As there is no such time limit regarding the IR then that should not be affected. I don't understand why you would need a recomendation for training, only for an initial skill test.

15th Sep 2018, 18:42
Don't worry about it. You don't need an MEP if you want to fly jets or turbo props...

15th Sep 2018, 22:57
I try to keep in touch with ATO. But they dont know the procedure. I wrote to EASA. I wait a reply.
Thanks for your reply by the way.
I think i will get it MEPL again then i will continue with IR -CPL 35 hrs. at the end 3.5 hrs check flight.
Hopefully i can finish it soon.
Best regards.

16th Sep 2018, 09:46
I try to keep in touch with ATO. But they dont know the procedure. Is this an example of the EASA Level Playing Field; clearly their NAA does not know what its doing either in granting an approval. Not much chance of a response from EASA, they priobably will not understand either.