View Full Version : EASA ATPL with no SEP(A)

memories of px
8th Sep 2018, 13:16
an approved course student has got his ATPL, but it wasnt issued with an expired SEP rating, he needs a renewal test, SRG 1157, but what other forms?

8th Sep 2018, 14:07
He needs a course completion certificate SRG 1119D and an application form SRG1119A for the SEP rating and as its an Initial Test it requires CAA approval. Had my fingers slapped over one of these.

8th Sep 2018, 15:20
Surely, if it's on the back of his licence it's not an initial issue? In which case 1107 and 1157 for renewal (with examiner not signing licence) ?

8th Sep 2018, 15:22
.........correction - I see now it's actually not even on the back. However, can he not send a certified copy of the original rating certificate?

8th Sep 2018, 16:51
He likely won't have one.

memories of px
8th Sep 2018, 18:37
thanks guys, he has now found his old brown licence, so i think he should send it in as the proof he had a ppl.

8th Sep 2018, 21:35
he has now found his old brown licence So its a licensing error as they should have put the old rating on the back when they issued the ATPL!

memories of px
9th Sep 2018, 20:17
thanks, i'll see if he can argue his case and not have to hand over a further 90 ish

9th Sep 2018, 22:47
thanks, i'll see if he can argue his case and not have to hand over a further 90 ish

As the rating must of been out of date on ATPL issue, it would only ever of appeared on the back, therefore to get it put back on the front would require the 90 admin fee along with SRG1157.

However, if there is no SEP on the back of the licence, as above they need to do training as required and a skills test rather than a proficiency check, which does complicate things.

Hopefully the CAA will recognise the evidence when it is presented, but it is really for the candidate to list all previously held ratings when they apply for any licence, and to ensure that they are all listed on the back, unless they are willing to see them disappear altogether.

memories of px
10th Sep 2018, 07:20
Yet had he turned up at the club with just the brown licence he would have done training and a proficiency check, srg1157 srg1104, srg1107 and srg1199 would have got him his licence reissued, surely its just a case of adding a rating to his current licence.