View Full Version : B737-200 vs B737 MAX

The Range
7th Sep 2018, 15:08
Does the B-737 MAX have anything to do with the B-737-200? I don't know


7th Sep 2018, 18:08
All 737s ever made are certified under one "type certificate," originally issued in 1967 and updated or "amended" for each new 737 model introduced ever since. To that extent, "a 737" is "a 737," and that document covers all 10000+ of them.


You can track some of the changes over 51 years through that document - primarily those that affect airworthiness: "can it safely fly and carry passengers?"

I have no idea if there remains any parts commonality between a B732 and a B37M - whether one can swap a panel of nose skin, or a particular gear-strut hydraulic valve, between them. Probably not much - but I could be wrong.

A and C
7th Sep 2018, 19:28
There are some bits of basic Boeing structure that are interchangeable from as far back as the B707 to the Max......... but not much than that.

for instance the Max landing gear, wings , spoiler system fuel system ! Air conditioning and APU are totally different.

As an aside rage Max hand flys much nicer than the B738.