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28th Jul 2002, 15:18
Hello folks,

I do have a Question concerning the asymetrical trailing edge (TE) flaps skew protection.

Imagine a TE flaps split (L 5/R btw 2 and 5). CL performed and flap lever set to 2. I do have 2 Questions:

1. Is it possible (in this configuration) that the right TE flaps move to 5 after the difficulty (e.g. icing in the rigght TE system)disappeared, just with the residual hydraulic power (TE flaps bypass valve is accordingly to bypass) and with the flap lever still set at 2.

2. When does the TE flpas bypass valve resets its' position back to normal (e.g. after TE flaps split is equalized or/and after air/gnd safety sensor in right main wheel senses gnd or ???).

Happy landings

i. Please do not post what you guess. I appreciate any post with reliable background knowledge.
ii. Please do not do any airline bashing in this threat, it is unprofessional.

1st Aug 2002, 22:45

Uau!!! That`s doesn`t come in the pilots manual, only MM