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26th Aug 2018, 19:58
heads back to London Heathrow after engine failure

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Brussels Airlines A320 “Aerosmurf” heads back to London Heathrow after engine failure

André Orban (https://www.aviation24.be/author/sn26567/)-

26 August 2018

On 26 August, Aerosmurf, the Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 with a Smurfs livery, suffered an engine failure shortly after take-off from London Heathrow runway 27L. Only six minutes into the flight and at 7,000 feet, the right-hand engine failed, the pilots declared an emergency (Mayday) and headed back to Heathrow. Fifteen minutes later, the pilots safely landed the aircraft on runway 27R.

James East, one of the passengers tweeted the following: “Catastrophic right engine failure on Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 flight SN2104 forced us to return to #Heathrow this morning. Plane shuddered and had us all worried but crew were calm and professional. Landed safely to clapping as fire engines awaited our arrival.”