View Full Version : PPL H training in Cannes or Milan for UAE national

23rd Aug 2018, 03:52
Good morning from the UAE

I have posted this on the PPL forum but also thought I would re-post here.

I wonder if anyone can help on this forum with some advise on finding a good school with proficient English speaking instructors for PPL H training in either Milan or Cannes?

I have a friend, UAE national, who is interested in learning to fly helicopters and he has asked me to help him look into it. He previously held a PPL A (about 10-15 years ago) and is now interested in possibly obtaining a PPL H.

The reason for these locations is that he regularly visits both cities on business and they are both on the Emirates network.

His ELP is probably about level 4 so finding an English proficient school is important and he would also require 1 on 1 instruction.

In Cannes we have looked at a couple of potential operators and the same in Italy but while it is easy to visit a website I would ideally like to get independent recommendations?

Questions include:

Visa regulations for non European's to obtain flying training as a UAE national?
Instructor ELP proficiency
1 on 1 training capability?
R-44 or Cabri G2 are the preferred types

Thank you in advance,