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Waste Gate
27th Jul 2002, 11:39
GDay all.

Does anyone know the address of the "sm@rtpilot" website, or have a link to it?

I used to have it in my favourites, but lost it in a computer crash. The website had all sorts of tech info / discussion on the 737 and 767. I have done a search of both PPRuNe archives and a simple alta vista search, but have not come up with anything.


27th Jul 2002, 13:07

Waste Gate
28th Jul 2002, 07:59
Thanks very much mustard - that's exactly what I was after.

Cheers.:) :)

31st Jul 2002, 08:55
not been updated for a long time:confused:

31st Jul 2002, 22:32
The collegue who created this excelent site (I must say this even as I "drive" the bus) was employed by a company that cased ops in 2001. I think he has not enough time or money to keep the site up to date. Personally I hope he has not enough time, as he hopefully got a new job.