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Mickey Kaye
29th Jul 2018, 10:49
MPL holder. Had a PPL before they started thier MPL couse and the licence is annotated to say that their MPL also includes a PPL. They also have an SEP rating attached to the MPL.

Does nayone know if they get any credits towards a reduced IMC course?

29th Jul 2018, 11:51
Does anayone know if they get any credits towards a reduced IMC course? As the IMC course is not approved, any IF completed on the MPL Course should be valid towards the requirement for an IMC rating:
Flying Training
2.1.1 The flying training for the initial issue of the IMC Rating must include a minimum of 15
hours training in instrument flying of which up to 5 hours may be in a EASA-STD device
qualified BITD, FNPT I or FNPT II, or up to 2 hours may be in other FSTDs recognised by
the Authority. The remaining training must be completed in a suitably equipped dual
control aeroplane. The go-around procedure is to be carried out in an aeroplane. The
course must cover the items detailed below.
There may be instrument flight time in the core phase of the course that is countable and up to 5 hours of STD time

29th Jul 2018, 22:14
Interesting question. Generally you move from single pilot IR to multi pilot IR. Just do a few training flights and then take an SEIR test. That will give full Cat 1 ILS minimums AND you can use a jet LPC to recalibrate every year by experience.

22nd Aug 2018, 21:03
The problem with the MPL is it only has an embedded Multi-crew IR

MPL students - They don't do pass a single crew IR on the course

MPL has no concept of single crew IR privilege

The IMC is single crew-

Managing independently a decades-old 6 pack old-tech GA aircraft flying round an NDB
isn't something they would be familiar with - IMHO

Genghis the Engineer
22nd Aug 2018, 21:31
I did my IR(R) after an EASA CPL - we found at the time a clause in the regs somewhere that said I therefore didn't require the IR(R) TK written exam - it might be worth wading through the regs to see if that applies to an MPL holder also. I can't see that they have done any less TK than I had done, but I can't recall the exact wording. It *might* have said "professional licence", but I'm really not sure.


23rd Aug 2018, 07:14
An MPL holder has an IR and will have completed all TK for an ATPL which is valid for PPL and IMC.
The IMC is single crew-
The IMC rating was originally designed to remove two limitations in the UK PPL with regard to IFR operation in specified airspace. There has never been any reference with regard to crew! The privileges of the rating are dependent upon the privileges of the licence holder,