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26th Jul 2002, 15:24
Friday July 26, 10:53 am Eastern Time
Reuters Company News
United Airlines flight makes emergency landing in LA

LOS ANGELES, July 26 (Reuters) - A United Airlines flight made an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday after smoke was reported in the cockpit, a spokesman for the airline said.

The plane, which was carrying 122 passengers, landed safely at 7:05 a.m. (0800 GMT), about 40 minutes after it had taken off for Washington Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. No injuries were reported.

"Smoke was reported in the cockpit. The plane is now back on the ground," the spokesman said.

Details on the cause of the smoke were not immediately available.

Chicago-based United Airlines is a unit of UAL Corp. (NYSE:UAL - News).

By United's schedule this could be flight 182 and a A320 type. Anybody else have any other info?

Clarence Oveur
26th Jul 2002, 20:48
Since when has smoke in the cockpit ever been a 'non-event'?.

And 'diversion' ??

26th Jul 2002, 21:06
A rather short flight.

Or is my knowledge of the geography of the United States not as good as it should be?

26th Jul 2002, 21:18
2300 statute miles +/-

26th Jul 2002, 23:05
I misread the article. I thought it said the aircraft had taken off FROM Washington and landed at LAX 40 minutes later.

It's been a long day...

26th Jul 2002, 23:14
Cheers, mate. I had a short day but have to go in tomorrow.:p

26th Jul 2002, 23:50
Pitot Heat Control Overheat - annoying but essentially non-event as CB's did their job, as did crew.:)