View Full Version : HCAA Athens Theory Examiner

19th Jul 2018, 13:58
Hi All,

I have posted this over in the professional pilot training forum as well as I am not sure which is the right place to ask, but, does anyone here have the name and contact details of the Head Examiner in charge of the theory exams in Athens, Greece?
I had his contact details previously and have since misplaced them... and as luck would have it, I need to get in touch with him.
All attempts to get hold of him through normal channels have failed as people at the HCAA do not like to answer phones, or hang them up after they have finished talking, or, my favourite, give me another number that is not for his department and I spend the next 4 phone calls being passed to someone new before eventually being given one of the numbers that I have already been given, therefore completing the circle jerk. (You might be able to tell that I am getting frustrated at this point!)

Much appreciated if someone could PM me the details.