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18th Jul 2018, 23:13
I should have printed an example, but will try to remember. Lately when I pull up metars in USA using acars I am seeing something Iím not familiar and canít find in books available to me
metar main body, comments and then breakdown on temps T025.1010, a SLP and then a 5 digit number like (51001)
it is this 5 digit number Iím having trouble with

19th Jul 2018, 00:19
A five digit block commencing with 5 is the pressure trend over the previous 3 hours. The second digit (1) indicates the pressure was increasing, then steady, or increasing slowly. The last three digits are the pressure change in tenths of hPa.
See: METAR & TAF Decoding (http://www.dixwx.com/wxdecoding.htm)

19th Jul 2018, 01:36
Thanks for the info