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Pin Head
13th Jul 2018, 16:36

does VOR/LOC after engaging possibly disengage due to the FCC's not being able to hold the signal and subsequent a/c tracking e.g super strong crosswind?
if so what is the transition point?



14th Jul 2018, 15:07
Never heard of it

14th Jul 2018, 16:30
737NG tends to dive onto the VOR/LOC a bit fast and often ends up with a double turn, so if anything the software is a bit "keen" rather than slow to intercept. All FGS have a limit to how much crosswind they can cope with, and the exceedence is to drop out. The 737 is , to be fair, pretty game for it and not weak in this aspect.

Pin Head
15th Jul 2018, 05:26
Ok great.

felt a dodgy signal and a strong x wind the other day that made me think.

17th Jul 2018, 09:09
Interested in Your " Aha?" event. What happened?
I have had many a dodgy intercept at rather high speed and xwind, but the old 737 hound, once in VOR/LOC, does not let go!!
Full deflection and flashing amber , max bank and a few S turns and it track that Lorens Beam with no concern for the consequences!
( I have not checked , but and I do not recall any disconnect criteria)

Even more so with the GS , that being the standard 3 degree or the false 6 or even 9 degree.
Also remember it is rate driven, ie the quicker the LOC or GS movement, the quicker the FD movement!
Had chap chase the 60 degree LOC lobe on base int Bremen ages ago, ATC got a bit crossed.

Anyway ,what was the specifics of your event if I may ask?