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26th Jul 2002, 08:20
An LTU Airbus (must have been a 330) has overshot the runway in Catania (Sicila Island, south Italy) yesterday evening.
All 280 on board O.K. No further informations about the amount of damage yet.

Any new facts ???

26th Jul 2002, 09:28
Why do you say it must have been an A330?
It could have easily been one of their A320's.

26th Jul 2002, 09:30
I think the passenger figure of 280 rules out the A320 ! !

26th Jul 2002, 09:39
Correct. I don't know LTU's configuration but can't be much more than the A320 Y config of 179.

26th Jul 2002, 10:33
It was no overshooting - it was the nose wheel that left concret during the backturn at the runway end. CTA is pretty narrow for an aircraft size like the 330-300. There is only about 8 feet of tolerance. No damage at all - except for the lawn.

26th Jul 2002, 11:26
Just found the following on a German forum:

The aircraft performed a normal approach and landing.
Later on the turning pad the Captain had the impression that the nosewheel steering did not response porperly.
A pusher was called precautionary to tow the aircraft to the stand.

The aircraft never left paved surface.

That's all folks. :D Nothing happend. :cool:

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