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3rd Jul 2018, 15:19
Hello all! I hope someone can help me since I don't seem to be able to make sense of the UKCAA website.
I hold a UKCAA EASA cpl license, however, since Nov last year I have been flying commercially in the caribbean on a local (ICAO) license. As such my ME/IR has lapsed 2 months ago on my EASA license. I have it valid on my ICAO license. Now, I would like to apply for jobs back in Europe but need the ME/IR to be valid on my EASA license. Is there a way to get these ratings from my ICAO to my EASA license? I think I understood from the UKCAA website that something is possible but I really cannot figure out what exactly I need to do or send:O?
Anyone with knowledge or previous experience on this? suggestions?
Would really appreciate the help..

3rd Jul 2018, 16:19
From CAP 804:
FCL.625(d): IR Renewal requirement for pilots who hold or have held an IR on
another licence or a UK Military Green Rating
The UK CAA has adopted a derogation such that where a pilot holds or has held an
Instrument Rating issued by a third country and that rating is compliant with Annex I to
the Convention on International Civil Aviation, the applicability of FCL.625 IR(c) and (d)
may be based on the validity dates of the Instrument Rating of that other country. The
effect of this exemption is that to renew the IR on a UK issued licence:
(i) a pilot with a current and valid 3rd country IR shall complete the revalidation
requirements of FCL.625(b) and the aircraft category specific requirements for
revalidation of the Part-FCL IR; meaning that he must pass the proficiency check,
but is not required to undergo training or to re-take the theoretical knowledge
So all you need to do is pass a Prof Check with an EASA IR Examiner.

3rd Jul 2018, 19:33
Thanks Whopity! I guess I will have to make a trip to Europe for that then... I was under the impression that there was a way to send UKCAA some forms, copy of flight check signed by local examiner and a copy of Logbook where it shows I am currently flying ME etc... and they would renew my ME/IR on my EASA license (i think with some kind of restriction, but nevertheless renewed)...I think I read this here a while ago on PPRUNE but cannot find it anymore...but thanks for the help. Appreciate it!

3rd Jul 2018, 20:13
Have you looked in Florida for IREs?

3rd Jul 2018, 22:40
Good idea! will look at that possibility. Might be cheaper:D . thanks

13th Jul 2018, 02:33
CAP 804 was superseded by ANO 2016. Can't find any provisions for this in the new document.
Been looking for an IRE for a month stateside.

13th Jul 2018, 07:03
CAP 804 was superseded by ANO 2016. Two entirely different documents. One does NOT superseed the other. CAP804 is a guidance document that has not been updated due to issues at the CAA, it still contains information that is not published anywhere else, particularly with regard to conversions. The ANO 2016 covers UK National Law that is not subject to EASA Regulation. Part NCO now covers many of the items that were removed from the ANO 2005.