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29th May 2018, 05:48
I was going over some EASA ATPL written test questions related to ops that were more confusing than usual and was wondering if anyone could help me determine the correct answer? Wording is not exact.

1) The first question had to do with you flying and the pitot tube ices over but the static port remains clear. What will the airspeed indicator show on descent? No mention about the drain hole.

The answer choices were airspeed indicator will over-read, under-read, stay the same or go to zero.

I wasn't certain of the wording "under-read." I think "under-read" means that as you descend, the airspeed indicator will read lower than normal. That's what I selected.

2) What are the functions of the safety review board? You had to select two choices. I didn't remember any mention of review boards in my studies.

3) What is the tasks of the safety manager? One choice was "to head the safety review board." You had to select two answers.

4) Low visibility qualifications. How can this be accomplished by pilots?

Choices were:
had to be done online.
Need three approaches in the last 90 days to mins.
Can all be done in a level D sim.
I forgot the fourth choice.

5) You're in Cape Town in the crew room getting ready for a flight to Munich. The weather brief shows CB developing to FL450. What should you expect?
There could be a million possibilities. Circumnavigating the area of development wasn't a choice.

Choices were:
Pitot tube icing over.
AOA receiving ice.
Light turbulence and the need to turn on the fasten seat belt sign.
I forgot the fourth choice.

6) You takeoff and shortly after takeoff, you experience a microburst and windshear, what should you do?
Best two selections were:
Apply max thrust.
Pitch up to just short of the stick shaker.

I selected pitch up because the airplane type was not mentioned and I am assuming on takeoff, you're already at max power.

7) You use a third-party contractor to help you run your airline. While taxiing, an accident occurs which involves the third party contractor. Who is ultimately responsible?

Governing body of the country you are operating in

Thanks for any input you could provide.

29th May 2018, 12:37

1) Yes, under-read.
(18 years later, I'm still using my old mnemotechnic method from flight school)
For Airspeed readings:
POCUD: (Pitot Over-read in Climb, Under-read in Descent)
SUCOD: (Satic Under-read in Climb, Over-read in Descent)

3) To break your balls?? :rolleyes:

4) Can all be done in a sim

6) Max thrust. (T/O is rarely performed at max thrust)

7) Presuming the third party contractor is a "wet lease", the contractor is responsible.