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3rd May 2018, 13:09
For part time training around work commitments what do you as instructors view as the ideal/minimum currency to enable effective MEIR training. I'm aiming for 2-3 lessons per week during the sim then every other day once in the aircraft with armchair/flight sim procedural reinforcement in between. I recognise that full time is the optimum though in some ways I wonder if skills in such circumstances might quickly fade after a relatively shorter course in a calendar time sense. Any advice appreciated.

5th May 2018, 12:24
I wonder if skills in such circumstances might quickly fade after a relatively shorter course They may well do, but you need to reach a peak to pass the IR Skill Test and the longer you drag it out, the longer it will take. It is probably more cost effective to take some time off and get on with it.

6th May 2018, 10:12
It's an expensive course. Around 300-500 per sim session and 1000 per flight. You need to fully commit to the course and take the time off. My MEIR took me just under 4 weeks with MEP training in the U.K. I flew 6 days a week twice in the sim and once when we were on the aircraft stage. I passed first time on test and I wouldn't have done it any other way.

As my skills were so fresh we didn't really have to recap on the day before. When you are basically throwing 9 a minute out the window you don't want to be going over stuff you have done before and forgot which if you are flying every other day could happen. If you do have tech/weather issues which will happen then you could have 4 days out of the aircraft. I did train alongside people who did decide to fly the way you want to and it was a long process for them and you could see they were finding it harder than us who were full time.

My advice is if you can get the time off for 4-6 weeks then do it full time. Also I have found schools prioritise their full time students over part time as they are the ones who are there everyday when it gets weathered off.

17th May 2018, 09:31
I did my ME IR before my CPL so after into 6 hours ME flying (VFR) I was straight into the full time ME IR course from a C152 - a steep learning curve. I did benefit from flying every day, after the initial sim sessions, and I suppose I reached a 'peak' for my test. I did a couple of revalidations in the aircraft after that which were, naturally, years later and more spread out. At that stage, I found it beneficial to have some 'breathing space' between lessons (only a couple of trips) but it does give you more time for prep and review of your performance - and to think through what you are doing/have done rather than bang straight into the next lesson.

I would have a chat with the school where you are going to train. It will cost more but if it means that you can keep working rather than take unpaid leave, then overall cost may be less. Despite being IR training, it is still weather dependant - high winds or thunderstorms can ground you. So every other day might turn out to be once/twice a week.

7th Nov 2019, 16:50
Ideally one event each day be it simulator or fly for 5/7 or occasionally 6/7 for the CPL/IR PHASE.
Perhaps 3 events over 2 days, followed by a rest day.
Integrated students post 20 hours flying experience can probably cope with 2 events daily until the IR phase.

What you must remember is that training is somewhat tiring. The brain is like a sponge: it can only absorb at a certain rate. Try to increase above the maximum rate, and it simply will not be absorbed as necessary. The analogy is OSMOSIS.

So if the ATO try to encourage to go for 2 or even 3 events daily, you need to question their motives and their duty of care. Does their Operations Manual approve such work rate?

Remember you are the customer.....