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30th Apr 2018, 17:42
When training for a MEIR, normal practice seems to be to conduct the MEP first then the IR. Is this strictly necessary and is there any drawback for the student going straight into IR sim training to smooth school schedules if there is a shortage of aircraft? I'm thinking there is probably some worth in getting MEP operating procedures practiced in the sim in parallel with IR procedural training prior to later work in the aircraft?

30th Apr 2018, 17:45
We always do MEP VFR before doing the IR top up. History has taught is trying to do it all in one go does not produce good results.

30th Apr 2018, 20:47
I don’t see why not. The only requirement is to have completed the MEP training before starting the flight training for an MEIR. Since there is no need to take the MEP test it definitely takes the pressure off.

1st May 2018, 12:39
Beware the training limitations within a time period and prior to test, but the practice of MEC then MEIR then “two” tests is commonplace. (And as suggested, the easiest way)

2nd May 2018, 07:22
Looking further, it does state in paragraph 2 Appendix 6 to Part-FCL it does say “applicants for the MEIR course should have completed the MEP course before...”. Can’t find any AltMocs for an out...is there one?

2nd May 2018, 09:15
No, it says, "The ATO shall ensure that the applicant for a multi-engine IR(A) course who has not held a multi-engine aeroplane class or type rating has received the multi-engine training specified in Subpart H prior to commencing the flight training for the IR(A) course." Only the training (i.e. not the test) for the MEP needs to be done and only prior to the flight training (i.e. not necessarily prior to any synthetic flight training).

2nd May 2018, 09:29
Not knowing how far through your training you are, the other option is to do CPL and IR entirely in a multi if cost allows. The late lamented PAT Bournemouth did this, and it meant you did a combined CPL/MEP test in which you obviously didn’t worry about PFLs or the like, then by the time you got to the IR flying, you were comfortable in the aircraft and could concentrate on instrument flying rather than just flying the aircraft.

2nd May 2018, 12:05

‘Flight Training Device’ (FTD) means a full size replica of a specific aircraft type’s instruments, equipment, panels and controls in an open flight deck area or an enclosed aircraft flight deck, including the assemblage of equipment and computer software programmes necessary to represent the aircraft in ground and flight conditions to the extent of the systems installed in the device. It does not require a force cueing motion or visual system, except in the case of helicopter FTD levels 2 and 3, where visual systems are required.

So, in the definitions in that same document a “Flight Training Device” as above is used for.....flight training?

Yet another poorly worded example, but to me Flight Training is Sim work as well.

3rd May 2018, 07:26
In my day the sensible approach was to gain a multi engine rating in VFR, the do the Multi IR. I have to say I did my multi engine rating just before the minimun time to do a multi engine rating was ten or fifteen hours, I did the multi engine rating and teast in less that four hours! Therafter I did the multi engine IR, initial on singles, then on multi engine types, with very little sim time. I have to say the way I did it was the very best and relatively inexpensive.

3rd May 2018, 10:20
Good point, the real question here is why are you doing a full IR course? CBIR is the future.. why do 40 hours in the SIM when you can credit 30 hours in an airplane? (Hours which you have to fly anyway)

3rd May 2018, 13:03
Thanks all. The CPL is already done though based on this I'll at least get the MEP training then look to the MEP test during/after MEIR flight training