View Full Version : Do FE's only work out of ATO's?

memories of px
20th Apr 2018, 16:30
does a pilot with a lapsed SEP have to go to an examiner at an ATO or can he do it using a groups aircraft? thanks.

20th Apr 2018, 18:03
Training must be done through an ATO, but an examiner can test independently of any ATO.

memories of px
20th Apr 2018, 19:11
thanks, but can he come to our strip and do a proficiency check there?

20th Apr 2018, 20:26
Thats up to the Examiner, but he needs to see a Course Completion Certificate issued by a RF or ATO; that does not necessarily require any training.

20th Apr 2018, 21:57
..but I'm not going to issue a CCC unless I'm aware of the pilot's flying abilities and the need or otherwise for training before the LPC. If an examiner came to me to ask for such, blind, then our relationship would cease.
Why not just go to your local RTF/ATO, do an hour with an instructor, then the LPC with an examiner? Someone said to me recently that a pilot's reluctance to do so was in inverse proportion to their abilities as a pilot. The pilots who willingly offer themselves up for a refresher seem to need it the least.


20th Apr 2018, 22:39
Yes, it’s interesting to see. We get people who have 10hours of their 12 left to do in 3weeks and would rather cough for that rather than revalidate with an examiner for a fraction of the cost. Can’t help wonder if some ATO’s “don’t mention” the LPC option.....well, you know where i’m coming from.

memories of px
21st Apr 2018, 14:53
thanks guys, a wealth of experience amongst you, great advice.

21st Apr 2018, 21:44
If an examiner came to me to ask for such, blind, Why on Earth would an Examiner do that? Its the candidate who needs the CCC and an Examiner will refuse to test them if they do not have one. Where the Examiner conducts the test is then a matter for the Examiner, and the candidate may use any Examiner they wish.