View Full Version : Why is Kathmandu Closed

19th Apr 2018, 18:00
Anyone know what has closed KTM and caused all the flights after 2200L to be diverted?

19th Apr 2018, 18:40
Malindo rejected TO and went off the paved surface. Nosewheel off the runway.

19th Apr 2018, 20:02

21st Apr 2018, 06:24
Is malaysian pilot?

fox niner
21st Apr 2018, 06:43
Config warning due to the flaps being up for take-off.
Check the video in the link above, it is shot just after the incident. The beacon light is still on, so the aicraft has apparently stopped only a few moments before the video started.
In this video you can clearly see the clean configuration of wing. Flaps up.
Do not be misguided by the shadow: to find the wing look for the nav light.

The video is direct evidence of the beacon light still on while the flaps are up. That makes me wonder why they didnt stop while doing 20 knots in stead of 160.