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14th Apr 2018, 18:40
According to ORS 5, from 16-03-18 , the cost of re-certification for my FE PPL is 348 and for the GR at my club, 249. Am I the only one who thinks this is a rip off? All that happens is a re-issue of the original certificate with new dates. Also, in order to avoid the 25 fee for a visit to the CAA, is form CPG3200 correct for the payment form? Thanks in advance , Pembroke

14th Apr 2018, 19:02
Your total bill from the CAA will be 348 - with any Examiner Certificate, the highest fee payable is the most expensive applicable Certificate, ie you don't pay for each individual bit. In theory that cost covers their admin time for checking your record, collating paperwork, etc. Pity those who pay 1600+....!

As is now traditional with CAA forms, the SRG1187 referred to on the SRG1128 you're using to apply for reauthorisation has been replaced with a FCS1500. Mmmm, progress...

14th Apr 2018, 20:18
Thanks for both bits of info,,P

16th Apr 2018, 08:24
In addition, you need a Seminar and an AoC which adds another 400 plus the cost of an aircraft if you can't produce a suitable candidate. There would be no need to go to Gatwick as the Examiner can issue a Temporary Certificate should your old one have lapsed.