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21st Jul 2002, 14:47
From: Ireland.comSunday, 21st July, 2002

A plane travelling from Canada to Italy was forced to make an emergency landing at Shannon Airport this morning. The plane, carrying 169 passengers and crew landed safely at 11 am. Noone was hurt in the incident.A spokesperson for the airport said initial reports suggested that a warning light on the plane alerted the captain to shut down one of the engines. The plane was 25-30 minutes away from Shannon when the captain informed air traffic control that he would have to make an emergency landing.The control centre at Shannon immediatly declared a full scale emergency.Ground handlers inspecting the plane said "some work needs to be done" on the plane's engines but they are still unsure as to what may have caused the emergency signal to light.The emergency services at Shannon have now stood down and a replacement plane is being organised to bring passengers on to Italy. The Airbus 310 was enroute from Goose Bay in Canada to Bari in Italy.

21st Jul 2002, 16:40
It's hard to fathom the use of the word "emergency" so many places in this report for an engine light problem.

21st Jul 2002, 20:09
The Airbus 310 was enroute from Goose Bay in Canada to Bari in Italy Stikes me as an odd flight plan... Was that a regular line ?

21st Jul 2002, 21:27
airbus 310 from lauda air, captain decided to shut down one of the engines due to "irregularities" and requested an emergency landing. another lauda air plane later arrived and brought the passengers to their planned destination. (from german ap)

22nd Jul 2002, 00:37
Confirmed A310 parked on stand 28 with left engine cowlings open this afternoon with another A310 parked on I think it was stand 33 or 34. We were on stand 27. looked like some sort of tech problem though. Would of been about 1620 z, not quite sure of the livery though but they were both the same. :cool:

22nd Jul 2002, 06:14
Lauda Air don't have any Airbus A310's. Their longhaul fleet is made by Mr Boeing (777 and 767-300ER).

22nd Jul 2002, 11:20
I understand it was an A310 of Air Plus Comet from Spain

Seems a bit tough on Lauda Air all the publicity about 'their' flight having an 'emergency' when all along it was being operated by another airline...

22nd Jul 2002, 21:50
hi @ all

this most probably was a flight operated lauda italy(L7??)(milano), a former part of Lauda (NG), the operation is now completely separated from lauda austria. Nicky himself has sold his stake in lauda italy to an italian investor group....

blue skies

23rd Jul 2002, 00:25
Yep, long day yesterday, brain fade an all. I can confirm that both the A310'S were Air Plus Comet. :cool: