View Full Version : A320 Performance Data

1st Mar 2017, 09:18

I would like to know whether the performance data in the FCOM for both take-off and landing is based on a grooved runway?

If so what correction should be made for a take-off or landing on a non-grooved runway?

I would appreciate any and all input.

Capt Scribble
1st Mar 2017, 16:45
Performance is based only on the runway state (dry, wet or contaminated). The grooves will help prevent the runway becoming contaminated with water with the attendant perf penalty and maybe allow the runway to dry off quicker.

9th Mar 2017, 16:52
As above, your RLD is based on runway condition. EASA definition is, Dry Runway means a runway which is neither wet nor contaminated, and includes those paved runways which have been specially prepared with grooves or porous pavement and maintained to retain ‘effectively dry’ braking action even when moisture is present;

FCOM RLD tables should include a credit for a wet grooved runway vs a wet runway. However, the braking coefficient on a grooved runway also depends on how effectively the runway has been maintained so even if it is grooved, in wet conditions it may not provide a significantly better braking action than one which is not grooved.