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Cribbly Dock
8th Jul 2002, 19:56
Yo :)

Just a query for all you pilots with 3 brains:

If you isolate either bus on the avionics smoke drill and are left with one generator, is there a problem using the APU generator if you get a further problem with the remaining engine driven genny?

i.e. If you use the APU generator, will it connect to the 'good' smoke free bus, or will it try & utilise the bus where the problem was?

We had it in a sim recently and it's a good discussion point!

Hope someone can assist.



9th Jul 2002, 03:01
I haven't got a clue how the A330 is wired but i recon you have two main AC buses.. (sit corrected)

The APU generator will not connect to anything (bad/smoking bus or the good one) until your good generator decides to go a-wall and kick out.. Then I'm sure the APU gen would kick in and deliver the goods..

This is if you haven't been fooling around with the BUS TIE switches..


9th Jul 2002, 03:03
Umn, I think i answered prematurely since i havn't got three brains nor driving a bus..

9th Jul 2002, 07:17
Cribbly Dock, it all depends upon the position of the BUS TIE switch on the ELEC panel. If OFF, neither the Bus Tie Contactors nor the System Isolation Contactor can be controlled to close. Therefore the APU Generator cannot connect to either bus, good or bad. During the Smoke procedure, the switch is selected OFF to isolate the buses, so the only way to power a bus is from it's own generator.

Cribbly Dock
9th Jul 2002, 10:37
Thanks for your effort in replying chaps. Jetboy; you're a wonder :)