View Full Version : 737NG automation

4th Feb 2017, 03:06
Hi there,
I was wondering if any experienced 737 NG operators have any advice on how to mentally picture the way different parts of the 737 automation interact.
For example, the way the FMC's, AFDS, ADIRU's A/T computer , FCC's interact.
I operate the 737-800 and although I have a working knowledge of these things and get satisfactory results in the sim and on the line, I feel like my mental model of how these things all fit together is fuzzier than it should be. I have drawn them all out on paper based on what the FCOM states but it fades from memory quite quickly.
Any advice?

4th Feb 2017, 16:24
Ask your Engineers to be allowed to look into their AMM, it has tons more info then the FCOM with diagrams to suit.