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Airbus Bloke
18th Jan 2017, 09:07
OEB36 Issue 1.0 No SRS Engagement During Go Around in the Case of EPR Mode Fault

If you go around with this fault you do so in N1 mode which means no autothrottle and no flight directors. When you put the flight directors back on to start rebuilding the aircraft what FMAs do you have? I've spent so long reading the manuals that I've got myself all confused.


18th Jan 2017, 09:36
The basic guidance modes are HDG and V/S, which is what you will get when re-engaging the FDs.

18th Jan 2017, 10:44
Which means no guidance on Go around when reaching toga detent.

You will continue accelerating in the ILS or whatever.

You disconnect AP, FD's OFF, establish climb, FD's ON, re-establish autopilot and assign modes on the FMA.

Another hint is the thrust. Depending if you are at rated mode or degraded you could overspeed/overlimit your engines. Keep in mind CLB detent is fine for the go-around.

Airbus Bloke
18th Jan 2017, 13:15
Thanks chaps. I knew what modes I should expect in a normal manual go-around. What I was trying to figure out was if these modes were affected by being in N1 mode. There are lots of references in the manuals to how the modes relate to SRS, but if you aren't in SRS due to the downgrade then do the modes change? It would seem not. I suppose once you reengage the flight directors you're out of what would have been the SRS stage of flight and so normal modes still apply.

Good point about overboosting the engines. Haven't had to worry about that since my turbo Arrow days. I suppose in a normal go-around with Aa at 1000ft aal you'll get the lever climb prompt after about 20-30 seconds so the chance of any damage should be minimal even if you do over boost. Not a lot you can do about it anyway as the priority is getting away from the hard stuff. I certainly don't want to bring the power back too close to the ground.