View Full Version : A380 EMERG ELEC CONF - ATHR OFF?

Capt Groper
2nd Jan 2017, 00:11
After loss of all ELEC GENs in EMERG ELEC CONF, Auto Thrust (ATHR) remains engaged, however the ECAM actions call (about half way through the list) for ATHR OFF.
Why manual THR when the ATHR works?

2nd Jan 2017, 08:20
The ECAM requests that the autothrust be disconnected because, currently, there is only one heated probe available and thus the parameters cannot be accurately compared to the unheated probes. My understanding is that, if not diconnected, then the autothrust will automatically disconnect some 90 seconds later.

This is on the earlier batch models. Batch 4 and above now need only one ADIRS source for the autothrust to work. The autothrust was thus removed from the staus list of inop items.....but the autothrust off line wasnt removed! Apparently, batch 6 and above will have this line removed.

In order to remain consistent with ECAM and tasksharing rules, airbus recommend that the autothrust is turned off when asked to BUT, when reading the inop items list on the status, since it doesnt appear here then the PF may reconnect it!

Capt Groper
3rd Jan 2017, 14:46
Captainsmiffy, tks a million

3rd Jan 2017, 16:45
Probably best to be manual thrust in direct law anyway.

3rd Jan 2017, 22:09
Is it 'THR LOCK' you are talking about? Elec Emer config takes away AP/FD/ATHR. At the time of failure, thrust is locked to where it was. Pilot removes the thrust lock by aligning the needle with the ball and disconnecting ATHR by pressing the red button on levers.

4th Jan 2017, 05:17
Errrr....no!!! In a word.....