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Tom Bangla
23rd Dec 2016, 10:09
A hijacked Libyan aeroplane with several passengers on board has reportedly just landed in Malta.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said in a tweet that he has been informed of a “potential hijack situation of a Libya internal flight diverted to Malta”.

“Security and emergency operations are standing by,” he said.

The aeroplane, Afriqiyah Airbus A320, landed in Malta at around 11:32am. It is one of three A320s that Afriqiyah, a state-owned airline based in Tripoli, owns.

The plane, flight number 8U209, left Sabha in south-west Libya for Tripoli at 10:10am. It was scheduled to arrive in Tripoli at 11:20am, but was instead to diverted to Malta International Airport at 11:20,

23rd Dec 2016, 10:16
Libyan plane in 'potential hijack' to Malta - PM Muscat - BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-38416112)

23rd Dec 2016, 10:28
Live pictures here; Live - TVM (http://www.tvm.com.mt/mt/live/)

23rd Dec 2016, 10:38

Developing story: Hijacked Libyan plane lands in Malta; hijacker claiming to be in possession of a hand grenade
All flights cancelled or diverted

An Afriqiyah Airways A320 with around 120 people on board has just landed in Malta after it was hijacked.

At 12.13pm, the plane's engines were still running and it was surrounded by AFM soldiers at a distance. It did not seem anyone had yet approached the plane.

The reports indicated that one hijacker is on board. He is claiming to be in possession of a hand grenade.

The hijacker claiming to be pro-Gaddafi, said he was willing to let all passengers go apart from the crew, if his demands were met.

Developing story: Hijacked Libyan plane lands in Malta; hijacker claiming to be in possession of hand grenade - timesofmalta.com (http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20161223/local/hijacked-libyan-plane-lands-in-malta.634664)

23rd Dec 2016, 10:47

[LIVE] Hijacked Libyan aeroplane lands in Malta, 118 people on board

Hijacked Libyan aeroplane with 118 people on board touches down in Malta, hijacker keeping passengers onboard hostage
In a brief statement, the Maltese government said that preliminary information indicates that there was a hijack on board. Muscat has summoned the National Security Committee meeting to convene in Castille.

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said in a tweet that he is following the news with grave concern and that he will offer his full cooperation to the government to protect Malta's security and the safety of the passengers.

President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca urged the public to remain calm and to follow official updates.

LIVE Hijacked Libyan Afriquiyah plane in Malta (http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/news/national/72869/hijacked_libyan_aeroplane_lands_in_malta_)

[LIVE] Hijacked Libyan aeroplane lands in Malta: Two pro-Gaddafi supporters agree to let 118 passengers free


23rd Dec 2016, 12:00
(watching the TVM live stream, not understanding the voice commentary)

The first passengers are leaving the plane.

Apparently, women and children are allowed to leave.

23rd Dec 2016, 12:57
Malta TV feed is quite delayed, RT has it live on the FB page (https://www.facebook.com/RTnews/videos/vb.326683984410/10155036713304411/?type=2&theater&notif_t=live_video_explicit&notif_id=1482341949812979) though

23rd Dec 2016, 13:23
have they figured out what their demands are yet, I didn't see it mentioned ?
I believe they were asking for Muhammar Gaddafi's son to be released from prison: https://twitter.com/willziz/status/812270740166672385

23rd Dec 2016, 13:45
Apparently, the hijacking has been brought to a peaceful conclusion:


(Muscat ist the PM of Malta, so I tend to believe his tweets)

23rd Dec 2016, 14:06
Claim for political asylum in 5,4,3......

24th Dec 2016, 10:16
Apparently, a movie being shot in regards to a hijacking in 1976 (Entebbe) was interupted by the real thing.