View Full Version : A320 MEL Minimum Idle on Ground

23rd Nov 2016, 04:26
Recently on one of my flights we had a MEL Minimum Idle on Ground on the IAE engines.

The operational Procedure for Minimum Idle on Ground reads thus
" Use the following penalties for take off performance determination if no takeoff data(Predetermined by using OCTOPUS program or other equivalent program with present failure case taken into account is available. Take off must be performed with Full Thrust."

Since my company has Airbus Flysmart EFB approved, we used the application with the MEL condition fed in to obtain the speeds. Generally, EFB restricts FLEX take off when MEL specifies so and selects TOGA as the default option for computation of speeds. In this case, it let us calculate speeds with FLEX.

There are two points that I'm pondering over:
1) What effect does Minimum idle on Ground have with FLEX Take off ? The surprising part is that on our fleet of 100 odd A320's(IAE engines), half of them have this restriction, while the other half don't have. When engines are interchangeable how does this clause apply selectively.

2) If the equivalent program is infact used to compute the speeds, does it still require us to do FULL POWER take off ?