View Full Version : AIRBUS LPC : Landing performance with MEL or ECAM

21st Nov 2016, 04:30
Hi Guys,

Tried looking for references but to no avail.

According to LDPA, there is a difference in terms of landing distance for the same fault, for example, brakes deactivated when we insert as MEL as compared to ECAM alerts.

Why is there a difference for the same fault?

Thank you.


21st Nov 2016, 08:04
Pictures needed.

Sometimes people set up LDPA with dispatch conditions and try out an MEL item, but later, when going to ECAM fault, the app changes to in-flight automatically. This provides for different results and could confuse the user.

21st Nov 2016, 10:41

Thanks for the response.

The calculations were done in INFLT condition. Just the difference in the AIRCRAFT STATUS selection.
MEL - 2 Brakes deactivated vs ECAM - 2 brakes released. Rest of the conditions remain the same.


21st Nov 2016, 11:01
What sort of Airbus is it? In our A320s you can't dispatch with 2 brakes inop so perhaps it's only allowing 1 brake inop to be selected and sent across from the MEL to the landing module?

21st Nov 2016, 11:06
With pictures, we could replicate the results and see. No pictures, no fast way forward :)

22nd Nov 2016, 15:54
I can replicate it.

Generally I have seen many discrepancies in the Flysmart landing module (ECAM entries) and I have reached a point which I stopped trying to explain everything, it's not possible. In the end of the day, you are legal. Let the French guys try to figure out.