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14th Nov 2016, 16:05
Has this been commented on elsewhere on these forums.
Could have been a lot worse. But that's Banjul for you.
Oh & I thought the pictures of the fan damage was odd.

14th Nov 2016, 16:11
yes commented on earlier and removed

Something very wrong with the report and suspect at best

I'm only interested if it's verified

14th Nov 2016, 16:32
It's true. Mate of mine was part of the team that put it back together again. Multiple fan blades changed on both engines.

14th Nov 2016, 16:34
There's lots of confusion on this story, storks are currently migrating in quite large numbers in Europe, and they fly quite low, so they would normally be arriving in Africa now, however:-

"since the mid 1980s increasing numbers of storks have stopped their annual migration from Northern Europe to Africa for the winter.
Instead, many are living in Spain and Portugal the whole year round -- feeding on 'junk food' from rubbish dumps"


"The average journey south takes 49 days and almost 20,000 km. This stork species sets out from Europe and moves over the Strait of Gibraltar into the Sahara desert, following the heavy thermal systems that allow it to efficiently soar to its destination.

These flocks, some with almost 11,000 individuals, then follow the Nile River south to eventually settle in various African countries, including Kenya Sudan, and S Africa.

The reports on AVH say the birds swallowed were nothing like a stork.
An Egret is a bird very similar to a Heron, we have them in our local lake.

14th Nov 2016, 18:13
I'm a sort of a birder and I'm pretty sure the one that is is shown between the wheels is a cattle egret; about 40 cms high and < 1kg. If it had been a crowned crane things would have involved a lot more!

Piltdown Man
14th Nov 2016, 19:24
Said recently unemployed Kayleigh Loveridge "I just don't know how my former employer Thomas Cook knew about what I had posted on Mugblast. But I tell you what, that bird what hit both engines was massive like. And anyway so, I counted them birds on my fingas und aye thawt we wuz..."

I don't doubt that this was a very serious event, but open social media platforms are not the places to make such posts.


14th Nov 2016, 19:31

things are beginning to add up with a much smaller bird and an old engine design

14th Nov 2016, 20:06
Nice to see a pic of a 757 accompanying a story about what happened to a 321!