View Full Version : Master Altimeter Allocation on Instrument Approaches

21st Oct 2016, 08:40
I have, since Basic SE RW training, been taught to conduct a final Altimeter Cross-Check at 1000' and allocate a Master Altimeter (lowest) for use at DH(DA)/MDH(MDA). However, I cannot find any UK documentation Military or Civil that requires it. Does anyone know where this requirement is laid down (if at all)?

21st Oct 2016, 10:17
Never heard that one before. We teach to cross check the altimeters and ensure they are within 50ft of each other but the primary alt is the one in front of you used as part of the instrument scan. Thats for FW.

21st Oct 2016, 10:31
I was taught the same thing by the RAF (forty years ago next year) but I'm fairly sure it comes under the terms of "Airmanship" rather than rules.

Having since flown under civvy rules for well over twenty years I've never seen it written down. But I still do the cross check.