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20th Oct 2016, 20:59
I did the one hour instructional flight with a LAPL holder today (who previously had a PPL but downgraded due medical).

I was surprised to see his licence included an SEP (Land) rating as I was under the impression a LAPL did not contain a rating?

I also noted that the Certificate of Revalidation had been signed about 2 years ago but surely this is not necessary as it's a rolling 24 month requirement?

20th Oct 2016, 22:48
A very good reason to check licenses, many contain errors! Today I found an instructor who had IR instruction annotated in his licence but, no SP IR!

21st Oct 2016, 10:13
Following the introduction of the EASA licence, there was a flurry of licensing errors (including the infamous example of a CPL(H) containing a Boeing 737 type rating). As the Licensing Section got used to the new format, things began to improve until senior management decided to replace its experienced Licensing Officers with cheaper, inexperienced alternatives. Unsurprisingly, the error rate began to increase again and is now just about as bad as it has ever been. At the same time, turn-around times are increasing, applications are being lost and queries are being ignored or answered incorrectly. Shared Services is clearly incapable of providing an adequate service, as EASA found during its recent inspection, but management seem to prefer to keep their collective head buried firmly in the sand.

Interestingly, the example of an LAPL(A) printed in CAP 804 has included TMG, SEP and Aerobatic ratings since the document was first issued, despite the error being repeatedly pointed out. Anyone care to take bets on whether the new CAP 804, if/when it is issued, will have the error corrected?

21st Oct 2016, 19:14
The CAA now issue 4 times less licences than they did 21 years ago; it takes 4 times longer to issue those licences so they are 16 times less efficient!

Mickey Kaye
23rd Oct 2016, 06:38
And the paperwork required is 4 times as much and 4 Times as complicated.

Although credit due with the online application that seems easy enough.