View Full Version : 'Incapacitation' training

18th Oct 2016, 15:28
We fly in two UK groups, one 2-seater Permit and another 4-seater C-172.

One or two regular pax (wife/partners), have asked about being trained to land our a/c in case of pilot incapacity (heart attack, for instance). Not up to solo standard, purely taking over in an emergency, with some reasonable chance of survival of occupants and even the a/c. Perhaps 4-5 hours of basic intro with an instructor or CRI?

Our insurers are interested, and willing to discuss (to include landings or touch and goes? - my answer was landings if possible).

I'd appreciate an instructor's viewpoint on this idea.

18th Oct 2016, 15:51
We run them all the time. 10hr course.

19th Oct 2016, 09:00
Thanks for your replies.

The difference for us is that any flying school would automatically be covered for ab initio training. Our flying group insurance could possibly have a 50% loading for ab initio instruction on our own a/c.

However, we are discussing with our insurer and hopefully they will agree.