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Wind Up Turn
7th Oct 2016, 13:25
In parallel with attempting to contact the CAA with this query, and having received various opinions locally, I thought that I'd take the opportunity of seeking opinion here....

I'm returning to private flying after a layoff. I have a lifetime UK CAA PPL(A) with a SEP (Land) rating that expired approx. 3 years ago. I'll eventually be flying an EASA aircraft and so I need to convert my UK PPL(A) to an EASA / Part-FCL licence. I've done some refresher training with an Approved Training Organisation and I now have a Course Completion Certificate.

I'm now expecting to do have to do a Skills Test / LPC of some sort with an examiner and I'll also be doing that on an EASA aircraft. So, the question is, do I need to convert my UK PPL to an EASA licence BEFORE my Skills Test /LPC? Alternatively, can/should the SEP rating on my UK PPL(A) be renewed via the Skills Test / LPC first and then my licence converted to EASA / Part-FCL? (The CAA web-site mentions something along the lines of: if your ratings are at the back of your licence then they cannot be renewed by examiner signature - and, guess what, my expired SEP rating is at the back of my licence).

If I have to convert my existing UK PPL(A) to EASA first, i.e. before my Skills Test / LPC do I then have to return it to the CAA after my test in order to put the renewed SEP rating on it (since I presume the new EASA licence will arrive at my door without a rating), or, can the rating be added by the examiner?

At the moment, I'm progressing on the basis that I have to convert the licence first, but I want to be sure I'm doing the right thing before I send it off.

Any help appreciated.


Mustapha Cuppa
7th Oct 2016, 14:20
Proficiency check first followed by issue of Part-FCL licence.

7th Oct 2016, 15:17
Interesting that the signatory of the CCC could not advise you. As Mustapha said, Prof Check then apply for the licence conversion using SRG1104, if you were to do it the other way, they would charge you for the licence, which they will actually issue with no ratings on it, and then charge you again to add the SEP rating! You can keep the UK licence as well.

Wind Up Turn
7th Oct 2016, 15:59
Mustapha / Whopity
Thanks very much for the replies.
The CCC signatory did advise me and had the same view as yourselves, it's just that this was contrary to previous advice that I got from talking to my examiner before I started the process.
It seems that the implication of what you're saying, and is perhaps the bit that's been causing the confusion, is that I can renew my UK PPL(A) SEP rating with an examiner's signature, following a successful LPC, despite the fact that the LPC is conducted on an EASA aircraft i.e. it doesn't matter which SEP aircraft I do the LPC on, EASA or non-EASA. I'll then have a valid UK PPL(A) with which to fly non-EASA aircraft if I want to and I can then apply for the EASA licence.
Thanks again.

7th Oct 2016, 18:09
You can also fly an EASA aircraft based on your UK PPL with LAPL privileges until April 2018.

8th Oct 2016, 07:12
The "on the back of the licence" nonsense only applies to EASA licences, not yours.

Wind Up Turn
8th Oct 2016, 13:09
Thanks again for your help folks :)

8th Oct 2016, 18:15
The "on the back of the licence" nonsense only applies to EASA licences, not yours.
Don't bet on it! I have a UK licence with an SLMG rating on the back of it!

Wind Up Turn
26th Oct 2016, 21:18
Thanks for the advice so far, and I've made some good progress since my last post. I'm just looking for a bit more clarification. Seeing as the SEP (Land) rating in my UK CAA PPL expired in March 2013 (i.e. more than 3 yrs ago, but less than 5 yrs), can an examiner renew the rating in my licence following an LPC/LST/Skills Test pass, or does my licence have to go off to the CAA. If the examiner is able to execute the renewal, does an SRG1119C still have to be sent off to Gatwick? Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. I will be converting my licence to EASA Part-FCL once my SEP has been renewed.

27th Oct 2016, 18:51
As you have UK PPL and the rating is in the licence the Examiner can sign the rating on completion of the Proficiency Check and you are good to go. You can still use your UK licence on an EASA aircraft with LAPL privileges until April 2018. The examiner will send a SRG1157 to the CAA. You then have until April 2018 to send SRG1104 to the CAA to obtain an EASA licence.

Wind Up Turn
27th Oct 2016, 20:20
That's excellent, many thanks for the clarification Whopity.

WUT :-)