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3rd Jul 2002, 09:37
Have just heard that a considerable number of current & ex-Volare Airlines pilots are to bring collective action against the airline for the unscrupulous way that the company has been treating its workforce.By strategically moving aircraft from one member of the group to another its pilots have been forced to sign a new contract of employment that very much favours the company.Many pilots who did sign, especially junior co-pilots with no possibility of other work had there contracts changed with the ultimatum of” take it or get out” Pilots who refused to sign were effectively forced to resign as there ratings were left to expire.Pilots with permanent contracts were effectively left with no aircraft to fly as the Volare Group decided that it would be cheaper to hire contract pilots for the B. 777s rather than convert existing company pilots.The company is being directed by a nucleus of ex Italian airforce pilots who still believe that the chain of command is more important than safety issues.

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4th Jul 2002, 13:18
Check the topic:New JAA/FCL in the Questions.It' coming your way.

Yaw String
4th Jul 2002, 17:06
Having myself suffered the effects of the Volare regime I hope the legal action achieves something. The parasitic way in which the Volare management is treating its employees defies belief.
Slave trading was abolished years ago but obviously not yet in this part of Europe.
Of course, who needs motivated pilots & co-pilots when you are only out to make money.
When you want to float on the stock market as these guys are still trying to, fill your pockets with cash, & move on, then the cheaper the operation appears on paper the more money it appears to be worth.
The important thing here for us all is to remember the names of the individuals doing the manipulating & simply avoid them in the future when they front there new company. The pilot shortage will come again!!!!
By the way, how is the current legal process progressing against one of these characters?

Jive Bunny
5th Jul 2002, 21:36
I hear there is still one B767 pilot from Air Europe left and fighting for his rights, GOOD LUCK to him I say. It is a pity all of the others who signed for Volare did not hold firm, they would surely of won.