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17th Sep 2016, 22:23
So does this include PPL skill tests, it says skill tests at the bottom of the form. Somewhere I read only post PPL, like night, IRR.
I can understand CPL'ers wanting to get on with their jobs.
And I suppose if an ATO as signed off the course completion and they have passed a skill test, then why not.

Level Attitude
17th Sep 2016, 22:45
No, the Temporary Certificate is only for new Ratings (whilst awaiting their initial issue).

Skills Test is a term used for both Licences and Ratings
"Skill testí means the demonstration of skill for a licence or rating issue, including such oral examination as may be required."

Technically, after a Successful PPL Skills Test, the candidate could be issued with a Temporary SEP Certificate by the Examiner - but this would be useless as they would not hold a Licence until the CAA issued it (complete with actual SEP Rating).

17th Sep 2016, 23:06
So why doesn't it say so specifically on the form, would be simple to have a box that says PPL, CPL, etc.
Why are we always left questioning these things?
Things like this want to make me give up being an examiner, but I do enjoy the role.
Things were so simple 20 years ago.
I suppose the term Licence Privileges at the top of the form is a way of saying what you suggest.
This came to my attention due a NPPL application from microlight.
I suppose micro light is the license and NPPL an added privilege.

18th Sep 2016, 08:17
It says on the form and the IN that covered it what is permitted.

18th Sep 2016, 09:54
I suppose micro light is the license and NPPL an added privilege.
Historically, there was a PPL (Microlight) a licence with no additional ratings, and a PPL (SLMG) also with no additional ratings. Then came the NPPL, a licence, to which the various aircraft ratings (Microlight; SLMG) were appended.
Sadly, the CAA is now so devoid of technical skills relating to training for licences that they have no conception of what the Examiner is up against.

18th Sep 2016, 18:33
Actually I need to correct myself, the SSEA rating was added to a micro NPPL.
It's just that a Skill Test was involved and SRG1100 was filed and accepted.


Got it, thanks folks.

19th Sep 2016, 07:40
Why was a form SRG1100 incorrectly used? And to whom was it submitted?

Was this by yet another Examiner who still hasn't bothered to find out the agreed simple procedure for adding Class Ratings to an NPPL?

Refer the idiot to http://www.nationalprivatepilotslicence.co.uk/Latest%20LAA%20NPPL/SSEA%20Application%20Form.pdf . It's hardly rocket science.

19th Sep 2016, 22:21
Yes that is the form I filled in.

It got to the UKNPPL and or CAA and a few days later the request for the temp. certificate was made by the applicant on the basis of what the applicant had been told by UKNPPL/CAA.