View Full Version : Another Dash-8 nose gear trouble (Air Baltic in Riga)

17th Sep 2016, 14:18
Flight Air Baltic BT461 RIX-ZRH operated with a Dash-8Q400 (YL-BAI) returned to Riga from air this morning. The nose gear either did not extend or collapsed during landing as the aircraft ended up on its nose. No injuries, the airport was closed for most of the day. Per the video this time the passengers left the aircraft without their handbaggage. :D Disciplined Europeans, the lot of them. ;)


LSM / Airport runway closed as airBaltic plane crash-lands in R?ga / Eng.lsm.lv (http://www.lsm.lv/en/article/societ/society/airport-runway-closed-as-airbaltic-plane-crash-lands-in-riga.a201312/)

?AirBaltic? l?ktuvas Rygoje leidosi avariniu b?du | VIDEO | 15min.lt (http://www.15min.lt/video/airbaltic-lektuvas-rygoje-leidosi-avariniu-budu-59557)

17th Sep 2016, 15:46
Abnormal gear indications on departure, unable to get safe indication on nose-gear after alternate extension. Held (approx) 120min to burn fuel, then , as you see.


19th Sep 2016, 14:26
All seems pretty orderly compared to some recent debacles

LSM / «Bend over, head down!» - passenger video of airBaltic emergency landing / Eng.lsm.lv (http://www.lsm.lv/en/article/societ/society/bend-over-head-down-passenger-video-of-airbaltic-emergency-landing.a201388/)